Since 2001, volunteers have played a vital role in our efforts to repair homes and revitalize neighborhoods in our community. Their work has restored hope to Greater Newport’s most vulnerable residents.

More specifically, they have freely given their precious time and talent to those who are unable to pay for their kindness. They have touched hearts and changed lives in ways that we will never fully understand. In return, our volunteers have the satisfaction of knowing that they have made positive and lasting differences in the community that truly needs them.   (Click here to download)

Waiver form for RT 2019

If you are interested in the work we do and you’d like to get involved, please print and complete the application and return it to Rebuilding Together Greater Newport, P.O.Box 748, Newport, RI 02840

I thank each and every one who has participated in our program over the years. You continue to do amazing things, your dedication is inspiring to all, and you are a tremendous joy to behold.


Susan McCoy, Chair