Who we are

Who we are

Volunteer with Rebuilding Together

Nationally, 200,000 volunteers donate their time and talents to Rebuilding Together annually to make sure their neighbors live in a safe and healthy home. With their help, and the help of corporate partners, skilled trades associations, and government and non-government organizations, we complete 10,000 projects each year. Our volunteers make a direct and lasting impact on their community.

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Skilled Trades professional volunteers are the backbone of our rebuilding efforts, providing materials and technical know-how with everything from roofing to plumbing, assessment to planning.

Service Volunteers step in when there are large projects that require comparatively little experience. Examples include cleaning, painting, landscaping, moving furniture and appliances, etc.

Support Volunteers provide everything from hospitality on project days to homeowner support to other professional support services like accounting, IT services, legal and other additional outreach services.

Everyone can make a difference!

Help us provide a safe a healthy home to someone in your neighborhood.

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